Recommended Reading see url Medical authors on the crucifixion of Jesus:
A Doctor at Calvary: The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ As Described by a Surgeon. Pierre Barbet, Roman Catholic Books. 1949, 1993

comprare levitra originale spedizione veloce The crucifixion of Jesus: a forensic inquiry. Frederick T. Zugibe. M. Evans and Co. 2005

viagra generico italia pagamento online a Napoli The author’s publications:

viagra generico 200 mg prezzo piu basso a Milano A published copy of my article, The crucifixion of Jesus: Review of hypothesized mechanisms of death and implications of shock and trauma-induced coagulopathy, can be obtained from the journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine by clicking here.  You may be able to request a published copy of the article from your local library.

go site To view a pdf Word document of my author’s approved manuscript, including references and citations, click here. follow site The historicity of Jesus and authenticity of the biblical record: The Historical Reliability of the Gospels. Bloomberg CL. IVP Academic. 2007

Reasonable Faith : Christian Truth and Apologetics. Craig WM. Crossway Books. 2008

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source site The Shroud of Turin:

The crucifixion of Jesus: a forensic inquiry. Frederick T. Zugibe. M. Evans and Co. 2005   Chapters 11-19

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source site For personal implications of Christian faith:

Mere Christianity. Lewis CS. Harper, San Francisco. 2001