Multiple Beatings

source site beating jesusJesus received three beatings prior to crucifixion according to biblical records.


comprare viagra generico a Roma The first beating occurred at the home of the high priest, Caiphas, after a midnight conviction on charges of religious blasphemy (Matt 26:67). (Jesus claimed to be the Messiah, a divine appointed king foretold in Hebrew prophecy). Jesus second beating came from a “whole company of soldiers” who beat and caned him (Mark 15:19). He then received a scourging with a flagrum (leather whip with bones or lead balls sewn into the ends), Jesus’ third beating (John 19:1).


see Roman soldiers were known to have anti-Semitic sentiments. This would have heightened the soldier’s brutality, since Jesus would have been viewed as a political insurgent claiming to be the King of Israel in defiance of Caesar (Matt 27:28-30). The beatings Jesus received prior to his crucifixion exceed that of the usual crucifixion victim. In terms of medical significance, Jesus had had more than the usual injury and organ/tissue damage prior to crucifixion, making him susceptible to shock.