CSI: Jerusalem:   This lecture is a historical and medical discussion of how Jesus died by roman crucifixion.   It is a synopsis of my peer reviewed article published in the Journal of Forensic and legal Medicine.

Hallucination Hypotheses: Analysis of psychiatric hypotheses for the Biblical story of Easter     This lecture provides an analysis of hypotheses proposed by some New Testament scholars suggesting Jesus’ disciples experienced hallucinations of Jesus which caused them to believe that Jesus had resurrected to bodily life after death by crucifixion.   The lecture is a synopsis of an article in collaboration with Dr. Gary Habermas for the Irish Theological Quarterly, print pending.

The Shroud of Turin: the Science of the Shroud    This lecture focuses on the the scientific findings of the Shroud of Turin Research Project of 1978, the only organized scientific investigation of the Shroud of Turin.  The writings of Dr. Raymond Rogers, a biochemist and member of the research team, form the basis of this lecture.   This information is largely unknown to the general public.


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